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Christopher A. Orestis          

Contact: (631)384-1799






College Level Experience: 

- Adobe Photoshop 

- Adobe Illustrator 

- Adobe Animate

- 2D design

- Digital Character Development 

- Maya (Course: Intermediate)

- Computer Game Development

- Introduction to Human Communication.


Personal Experience (Hobbyist):

-  Game Development (Generalist)

-  Game Engines: Unity and Game Maker: Classic - Studio:1.4.9999….

-  Programming: JavaScript, Java, C#, GML (Game Maker Language)

-  Blender (3D modeling software)

-  Intel Realsense SDK: (Face Tracking and 3D Scanning)



-  Copyrighted my own art piece, then had it showcased at the Greenpoint Gallery Virtual Show

- Created an infographic for the school paper. (Suffolk County Community College)

- Obtained an Associates Degree at Suffolk County Community College

- Obtained a bronze certificate as a member of the Leadership Committee 

- Became a member of the Honor Society



- Suffolk County Community College: (Major: Computer Art || Obtained: Associates Degree)

- Riverhead High School: (Obtained: Regents Diploma)


Current Occupation(s): 


Big Lots: Retail, 2015 - 2021                                       Stop and Shop: Retail, 2019 - 2021

- DTS (Unloading and Loading of goods)                 - Stop and Shop Delivery: Shopper

- Remodel the store (Resetting the Layout)               - Maintenance

- Stocking shelves                                                        - Pack out goods 

- Maintenance

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